At Riverside Auto Glass We hold your safety at our highest priority and are now able to offer a 1 year protection on windshield replacements. Our Windshield Protection Plan is provided to you at no cost when we replace your windshield. It covers unlimited repairs or a single glass windshield replacement within 1 Year of the original windshield installation date. Labor, moldings, adhesive and calibration are an extra cost, and dealer windshields are excluded.

If your windshield can be repaired, We will repair it and get you back on the road. This saves you time and money and does not void the remainder of your 1 Year protection.

We still offer a lifetime warranty against leaks and 90 day complete warranty on a manufacturer defect.

Additional Conditions that apply.

Our Windshield Protection Plan covers your windshield for 1 full year and is limited to normal road hazards. Damage due to collision, vandalism, fraud, or acts of God is excluded. Certain large vehicles such as motor coaches, buses, and Transport trucks and Heavy Equipment are excluded from coverage. All OEM (dealer) Windshields are Excluded from Coverage.

All Claims must be accompanied with the Receipt of Installation.


when you process your windshield repair through an insurance claim.

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